EMKAY Coronavirus (COVID-19) status


As we are all aware, COVID-19 (aka the novel coronavirus) is having a tremendous impact on our nation’s people, their well-being, their lifestyles, their workplaces, and more. EMKAY leadership is here to reassure you that much like the rest of the country, we, too, are taking precautions to keep our employees and clients safe, while also ensuring we deliver on our promise to be your provider of fleet management solutions. This means continuing to be accessible, responsive, and expeditious for all of your daily fleet management needs, even in this time of nation-wide chaos and uncertainty.


Per the press release link below, Governor Pritzker of Illinois announced a statewide ‘stay at home’ order beginning Saturday, March 21st.

Chicago Tribune – Pritzker Stay at Home order

All of EMKAY’s HQ staff is prepared to work remotely next week. We knew it was a matter of time before this order would be issued, so EMKAY executed the plan described previously. Phones, network, website, and internal programs will all be accessible by remote employees.

Although 3rd party vendor shut-downs may impact what can be accomplished, EMKAY’s staff will be working and ready to assist our clients and their drivers.

During this time of Shelter in Place it is important to remember if your vehicle sits for extended periods of time your battery could slowly discharge as a result of all the electronics in the vehicle that require current even when the ignition is off. It is a good rule of thumb to run your vehicle outside for at least 15 minutes every 2 weeks to allow the battery to recharge. If you have the opportunity to drive your vehicle this would not be required.

Tips to Reduce Fleet Driver Exposure to COVID-19

by Automotive Fleet Staff

While there are many offices that are closing down their physical locations and directing their employees to work remotely, there are still many fleet drivers that are out on the road. Whether you’re a delivery fleet driver, a roadside technician, or any other type of driver that interacts with other people, there are steps you can take to reduce the potential exposure to COVID-19 coronavirus.

It all starts at the beginning of your shift, according to AAA. Before you leave your home, wash your hands thoroughly at the sink for 20 seconds with soap and water.

Throughout your day, whenever you receive any sort of equipment, spray the equipment with disinfectant spray or wipe it down using disinfectant wipes. A good item to have while on the road is a pack of nitrile gloves. Wear gloves for every job you start through the day, to reduce the chance that you contract something from any given location you visit throughout the day.

Following the completion of a job, disinfect your hands and wipe down your vehicle. Wipe down the inside of the vehicle, such as the door, dashboard, seat, door hand, and any exposed surfaces with spray disinfectant or disinfectant wipes after anyone enters your vehicle.

Have a small trash bag to dispose of soiled gloves, towels and wipes; make sure that you dispose of that small trash bag at the end of each shift, according to AAA. A few items that you probably handle every day that might not be getting the attention it should is your credit card, corporate fuel card, or cash. These items can hold the virus so it’s a good idea to wear gloves whenever you handle these items.

At the end of your shift, wash your hands again thoroughly at a sink for 20 seconds with soap and water.

To make sure that you’re using products that will properly disinfect your vehicle, the Environmental Protection Agency has a site that lists all the products that currently meet its criteria for use against COVID-19.


IMPACT: Vehicle Licensing Services

Along with the rest of the fleet management industry, we are experiencing significant constraints when it comes to our vehicle licensing services. Each state has enacted separate regulations with regards to their DMV operations, therefore making initial registration, registration renewal, license plate distribution, title corrections or transfers, and the like more difficult to obtain and issue to our customers. These could be due in part to DMV on-site employee reductions or the extent of individual DMVs’ own capacities to enable employees to work remotely; either way, we are doing our absolute best to ensure these functions operate as normal as possible.

The American Automotive Leasing Association (AALA) and American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) have issued official resources on the impacts each state’s DMV locations are experiencing due to COVID-19. They have been updated through the morning of Tuesday, March 24th, and have been provided to all of our CSS teams; if you have a question or concern about a particular one of your vehicles in a given state, please contact your CSS team for the latest DMV updates we have on that state. AAMVA has also stated that updates can be found by accessing their website.


IMPACT: Vehicle Acquisitions/Ordering

Audi – As of 3/17/2020
All Audi production facilities in Europe have begun to suspend operations; the extent of the impact this stoppage will have has yet to be specifically outlined, but will likely affect all models produced in Europe; expect delays.

FCA – As of 3/18/2020
All manufacturing facilities set to close 3/19/2020 through at least 3/30/2020; expect delays.

Ford – As of 4/3/2020
Ford Motor Company will be instituting a company-wide shut down for the period of Monday, 06-APR-2020 through Monday, 13-APR-2020 with a return to normal operations on Tuesday, 14-APR-2020. During this time there will be minimal coverage for service support issues.

GM – As of 3/18/2020
All manufacturing facilities set to close 3/19/2020 through at least 3/30/2020; expect delays.

Lexus – As of 3/19/2020
The majority of Lexus dealerships remain open (22/242 closed), though this is subject to change. Only 3 service departments have so far closed operations.

Subaru – As of 3/20/2020
Subaru of Indiana Automotive has suspended production beginning Monday, March 23rd, through Sunday, March 29th, which will impact the following Subaru model orders: Outback, Legacy, Ascent, Impreza. Subaru expects minimal delays.

Toyota – As of 3/19/2020
All manufacturing facilities seized automotive production effective 3/23/2020; production was scheduled to resume 4/6/2020, though this date has now been DELAYED further through 4/17/2020. Production is now scheduled to resume 4/20/2020. This shut down will affect all North American regions including the U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico. Toyota will release any additional updates they have on or before 4/10/2020. Continue to expect delays.

Volkswagen – As of 3/17/2020
All employees able to work remotely at VWGoA will do so beginning immediately; this should not impact regular business operations.

Dealership closures impacting deliveries will be communicated to clients on a case-by-case basis from EMKAY’s Vice President of Vehicle Acquisitions, Jim Tangney.

Current production capacity is still able to handle fleet business as usual.

IMPACT: Vehicle Remarketing

Update 4/2/2020 - US & Canada
Market values have decreased steadily since the COVID-19 outbreak due to lower demand from consumers at the retail dealers. Dealers are reducing their used vehicle inventory due to the uncertainty. At the end of March, vehicles were selling at 70-80% of the values prior to the crisis. Auction attendance is down 50-75% depending on location. Nearly all sales are virtual, on-line sales now. The traditional laws of supply and demand are weighing heavily on the market. Used vehicle sales are taking multiple auction ‘runs’ to sell, which leads to longer days-to-sell. Also worth noting, vehicles with lower values (<$10K) are showing more activity than higher priced vehicles.

EMKAY Remarketing continues to be committed to our clients, selling their vehicles, and attempting to maximize the return. EMKAY’s auction partners are securing vehicles as quickly as possible and getting them ready for sale; however, transactions and response times from auctions are slower than normal, so your patience is appreciated.

Rental Vehicles

Rental vehicles will only be available from select neighborhood locations and all major airport locations. Due to the reduced number of locations, not all vehicle types may be available. Contact EMKAY if you need a rental vehicles for your fleet program and we will work with each driver to locate the best option for them.

Glass Repair or Replacement

All Safelite locations will continue to operate during the coronavirus outbreak. There will be changes in how a driver will interact with the Safelite representative when mobile service is provided to make sure CDC guidelines are followed.

Vehicle Repairs

Repair facilities are also taking extra precautions when working on your vehicle for your safety as well as theirs. We are asking all shops to disinfect all common contact surfaces upon completing repairs so your vehicle is returned in a safe condition. You may also start seeing delays in obtaining certain parts that may create extra downtime.

Road Service and Towing

These services will continue but there may be extended wait times before a tow truck can respond for service in many parts of the country, especially in hard hit areas.

Driver Motor Vehicle Record Checks

The state of Pennsylvania has suspended all MVR reports until April 1. We anticipate other states, along with Provinces in Canada , may begin suspending this service if they do not offer a fully electronic solution. We are continuing to process your requests and will provide the results as soon as they are available.

EMKAY Customer Service

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to reach out to your designated CSS team or Strategic Account Manager. We are here to continue to support your daily fleet management needs and inquiries through this national crisis.

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