Sep 2022

Are BEVs the Answer?

What if BEVs are not the expected replacement for fossil fuels? What if they are merely a stepping-stone until a better, more environmentally friendly, longer-range alternative presents itself? Battery-electric power has limited range and operational capabilities. Raw materials will continue to become harder to source. Although recharging infrastructure is growing, charging times still hinder the platform. As to the future of BEVs in heavy trucks, according to the American Transportation Research Institute study and the research group’s Senior VP Daniel Murray, “There is just no business model to operate a Class 8 electric over the road today.”

Battery-powered vehicles have met their demise twice before, where ICE engines ultimately prevailed. And in the 15-years since the current battery-powered vehicles have been introduced or developed, very minimal advances have been made in regards to their range. Industry observers have noted conversely that BEV prices for Tesla, Rivian, and Ford are rising at a dizzying pace. That, combined with the current supply chain challenges and record inflation, does not bode well for vehicle price moderation regardless of the power source.

Maybe, just maybe, BEVs are a stepping-stone to the next big power-source. Perhaps, hydrogen powered fuel cells?

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