Telematics Program

The Telematics program offers solutions to track vehicle use, monitor fuel consumption, provide GPS route optimization, and proactively address maintenance issues to increase productivity and reduce total fleet operating expenditures.

Maintenance Management on the iphone

Telematics Program

  • Administration of Devices
  • Route Optimization
  • Established Benchmarks and Goals
  • In-Vehicle Driver Coaching
  • Analysis of Accidents and Fuel Fraud
  • Data Reviews to Measure Effectiveness

Telematics Program

Program Value Added Partnership

  • Robust Reporting

    Around-the-clock services remotely monitor the performance, location, and security of fleet vehicles, with all data being available on our fully customizable web portal.

  • Reduction of Expenses

    Reduce operating costs and improve productivity through remote online access to detailed vehicle information, ranging from vehicle routing to fuel efficiency trend data.

  • Ease of Use

    The telematics device is simply plugged-in to the vehicles ODBII port and does not require any tools or assistance from an installer.

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