Mileage Reporting

Our Personal Mileage Reporting relieves fleet managers of all data gathering and tax computation responsibilities through the use of our web-based mileage tracking application.

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Mileage Reporting

  • Annual Reporting and Processing
  • IRS Compliant
  • Driver Exception Reporting
  • Payroll Deduction Calculator
  • Proactive E-Notification to Drivers
  • Perk to Improve Employee Retention

Mileage Reporting

We offer multiple programs for both the U.S. and Canadian drivers' needs:

  • Personal Mileage

    A simple, cost-effective, and easy-to-use program for collecting and reporting personal mileage for tax reporting purposes as required by the IRS.

  • Personal Mileage Plus

    The premium program takes it a step further, as EMKAY will send a proactive email in order to notify drivers when they are delinquent, while also providing a link that will take them directly to our reporting system.

  • Taxable Benefits Canada Only

    The Taxable Benefits Reporting Program is a simple and effective method for tracking and calculating personal use charges for vehicles located in Canada.

Mileage Reporting

Program Value Added Partnership

  • Simple to Use

    Drivers have the ability to report their miles via the EMKAY website, the mobile app, and by following a link provided in monthly emails.

  • Payroll Deduction Calculator

    All personal use charges are calculated according to the IRS regulations and a consolidated report is created for each driver.

  • Customizable Reporting

    The ability to input a driver's personal use charge-back amount into our system enables EMKAY to display the actual cost of the fleet while subtracting out the non-company paid portion.

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