Green Fleet Program

EMKAY's Green programs provide an outlet for companies to accomplish their green initiatives through a carbon offset program, tree planting, or a combination of the two.

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Green Fleet

  • Reduce or Eliminate Your Carbon Footprint
  • Increase Fuel Efficiency
  • Eco-Drive Training for Drivers
  • Go Green Calculator
  • “Carbon Offset” Chart to Neutralize Impact
  • Carbon Neutral Branding

Green Fleet

We offer multiple programs along with Value Added Partnership to fit your exact fleet needs:

  • Green Basic Program

    An add-on program that provides a "Green Rating" for all vehicles within the fleet and offers annual reporting of the fleet's total environmental impact.

  • goGREEN Program

    A stand-alone service that EMKAY administers for customers that have a "Green Initiative," helping them to become 100% carbon neutral and reduce their environmental impact.

  • Company Differentiators

    EMKAY provides an array of branding and marketing tools to help you share the carbon-consciousness of your fleet.

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