Maintenance Management

EMKAY's Maintenance Program provides an efficient approach to managing preventative maintenance through our ASE certified technicians and advanced technology

Maintenance Management on the iphone

Maintenance Management

  • National Account Pricing
  • Consolidated Billing
  • Vehicle Specific Preventative Schedules
  • Reduction of Driver Downtime
  • ASE Certified Technicians
  • Mobile App with Preferred Vendor Locator

Maintenance Programs

We offer multiple programs to fit your exact fleet maintenance needs:

  • Maintenance Control

    The Maintenance Control program provides an efficient approach to managing preventative maintenance via our ASE certified technicians and advanced technology.

  • Maintenance Control Premium

    Designed as an additional value-add within our Maintenance Control structure, that distributes automated email reminders directly to drivers in real-time to ensure all preventative maintenance repairs are completed.

  • Maintenance Procurement

    Maintenance Procurement is a low cost alternative that provides the benefits of a structured maintenance program while protecting your fleet from the high cost of major repairs.

Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Maintenance Programs

EMKAY offers truck maintenance solutions to fit all your fleets' needs:

  • Proactive Truck Maintenance

    EMKAY's comprehensive management plan designed to monitor, schedule, and coordinate all repairs and preventative work for commercial trucks over 10,000lbs GVW.

  • Truck Maintenance Control

    Protect your fleet investment with EMKAY's Truck Maintenance Control Program that aims to reduce the frequency and severity of unscheduled service events and breakdowns.

  • Truck Maintenance Procurement

    Consolidate your maintenance and repair expenses into one monthly invoice and access EMKAY's network of maintenance facilities that provide nationally negotiated pricing and discounts.

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