Jan 2021

GM Partners with Navistar

GM will supply Hydrotec fuel cells to Navistar Inc. to power their upcoming zero-emission long-haul system. Navistar expects the International RH Series fuel cell electric vehicle to have a range of more than 500 miles and a fueling time of less than 15 minutes. “Hydrogen fuel cells offer great promise for heavy-duty trucks in applications requiring a higher density of energy, fast refueling and additional range,” Navistar CEO Persio Lisboa said in the statement.

Two GM Hydrotec fuel cell power cubes will power the truck. Each compact cube contains at least 300 hydrogen fuel cells along with thermal- and power-management systems. This further progresses GM’s commercialization of its electric vehicle technology. In recent months, GM has partnered with Honda, Nikola, and launched Brightdrop. These strategic partnerships will assist GM in halting sales of gasoline vehicles by 2035.

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