Jul 2023

Stellantis Secures Future Microchip Supplies

Stellantis, still recovering from ongoing shortages of microchips for its vehicles, said it expects to spend $11.2 billion through 2030 to secure various kinds of semiconductors. The automaker it expects semiconductor shortages to re-emerge on growing demand from electric vehicles at a time of increased geopolitical risk, making the current respite short-lived.

The risk of a return of severely stretched chip supply “will increase dramatically” in coming years as vehicle software functions balloon, said Joachim Kahmann, who oversees semiconductor purchases for the automaker. To mitigate those risks, Stellantis is inking deals with Infineon Technologies, NXP Semiconductors and Qualcomm, among others, and is setting up a semiconductor database with order plans that stretch years into the future. The company also is working with AiMotive and SiliconAuto to develop its own semiconductors.

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