Dec 2020

Vehicle Challenges Facing the Fleet Industry

2020 has been a challenging year for all, both socially and economically. Fleet lessors have had to place a greater emphasis on managing fleets to reduce operations expenditures. During times of economic crisis, this has been a daunting task. As vehicle manufacturers are pushing up their-cut-off dates on popular vehicles, fleets are faced with the difficult decision to cycle earlier or extend their current parameters beyond their historical patterns. A difficult decision when attempting to mitigate costs during a pandemic. Pair this behavior with postponed title & registration across the states; getting new vehicles on the road in a timely fashion has been a challenge. Others, unfortunately, have had to make the difficult decisions to reduce fleet size to assist with lowering their overall operational expenditures. The above are only a few examples FAs have been dealing with over the last 9 months. By working closely with your fleet lessor, FAs can be assured that their best interests are in mind and actionable recommendations are developed, collaboratively.

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