Check Fraud Notice

Bank Check Fraud WARNING

EMKAY INC’s bank account information was stolen and scammers are using it to create fraudulent checks that are being sent to individuals.  If you have received a fraudulent check you should notify your local police authorities.

EMKAY INC does NOT send checks for shrink-wrap advertising, Craigslist purchases, Auto-trader Purchases or other non-business purchases.

EMKAY INC never sends checks to INDIVIDUALS, only businesses for business-related purchases.

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If you received a check from “EMKAY INC” for something personal, such as your own vehicle (as described above) it is guaranteed to be FRAUDULENT, throw it out.

DO NOT attempt to cash the check – it will eventually bounce and your bank will demand the return of the money 7-10 days after you have sent the money to the scammers.

The check may look legitimate and have many of the security features that business checks have on them, including a hologram, watermarks, microprint borders, etc.

Below is a link that has more details about an example of this type of scam.

Maintenance Management on the iphone
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