Jul 2019

Government of Canada Introduces New Rules Regarding Safety Defect Recalls

The new rules help to increase the amount of details shared with owners in regards to the safety defect recalls that are being issued.

The expanded regulations will require manufacturers to provide complete details to the Minister of Transport, including a timetable of events, warranty claims, service reports, and a timeline for when the non-compliance notices will be sent to owners and dealerships.

In addition to this, companies must also clearly outline the safety defect recalls while also providing guidelines on any precautions to take prior to the issue being repaired.

Some of this information has been shared by most manufacturers in the past, but the new rules make it mandatory for all. The new rules are similar to the guidelines manufacturers are required to follow in the US.

According to a study, nearly 25% of owners never get recalls repaired. These new rules increase awareness of a given issue and aim to reduce this number, helping to increase the safety on the roadways.

A link to the official posting on the Government of Canada website is below:

Government of Canada Announcement