Aug 2016

Chevrolet’s Low Cab Forward Trucks to Hit Dealers

Chevrolet Low Cab Forward

Chevrolet’s return to the medium-duty market is official as the new Chevrolet Low Cab Forward trucks are on the way to dealers across the country. These trucks are ideal for commercial companies that frequently haul sizable payloads, especially in urban environments. Their excellent maneuverability and visibility make the driving experience safe, simple, and enjoyable.

There are three different engine offerings, a 6.0L V8 gas, a 3.0L turbo-diesel, and a 5.2L turbo-diesel. The trucks are available in both regular and crew cab styles and entry-level MSRP is $40,900 for gas engines, while the MSRP for the diesel engine starts at $48,375.

The following link will direct you to the Low Cab Forward section of Chevrolet’s website.

Chevrolet Low Cab Forward Trucks