Jul 2019

Electric F-150 Prototype Proves it can Pull its Weight…Plus an Additional 1,245,000 Pounds

Ford Recently put their electric F-150 prototype to the test and proved that they’re serious about owning the forthcoming EV pickup market. In a display that boggles the mind, the prototype pulled ten double-decker rail cars loaded with 42 F-150s. The combined weight of the train and trucks? 1.25 million pounds. While you may not get the best range when towing at this rate, the fact that it’s even possible is amazing.

The electric F-150 is still some time away from making it to production, but marketing ploys like this give us the indication that we’re in for a treat once it does. Ford is set to release the first hybrid version of the best-selling truck in 2020 which will be followed by the EV “in the coming years,” as Ford puts it. The Blue Oval brand set their goal to have 40 electrified vehicles by 2022. We’re just hoping the F-150 is one of those 40, because even a two-year wait is two years too many.

Check out the video on YouTube here:

Electric F-150 Prototype Tows 1.25 Million Pounds