Mar 2017

EMKAY Updates Driver 360 Mobile App

Fleet Management Company

Registration Renewal Requirement Submitter

The registration status section under Licensing has been updated to allow drivers to submit their registration renewal requirements directly through the mobile app. For those states that allow copies of requirements, like an emissions certificate, safety inspection, or something as simple as a copy of a driver’s license, the Driver 360 app now has a feature where the driver can take and upload a photo of the certificate/report. The requirement is automatically saved to the EMKAY document imaging system and is sent to Vehicle Licensing for approval.

Once reviewed, the driver will be notified if the requirement was approved or rejected. Adding the ability for drivers to provide renewal requirements via the Driver 360 mobile app makes it easier for drivers to submit renewal requirements, resulting in registrations being processed more efficiently.

Mileage Tracking

Our Mileage Log feature has been rebuilt into a much more robust Mileage Tracking function. Drivers can now use the EMKAY Driver 360 app to track their trips on a daily basis. The Mileage Tracking feature allows drivers to manually enter trips. This feature also has the ability to track starting and ending locations, miles driven, and allows for notes of reference to be added to the trip. The driver can also START and STOP a trip, in which the app will use GPS to automatically determine the starting location, ending location, and miles driven. All mileage tracking data is immediately uploaded to the EMKAY website where the driver and fleet manager can run reports to view and download the data. This feature does not replace the function of reporting Personal Mileage, so drivers still need to use the Report Personal Mileage feature. This tool is intended to help drivers and fleets track mileage that is useful or needed for their business operations.

Driver Dashboard Link

The EMKAY Driver 360 app now has a link under the Help section that will automatically log users into the EMKAY Driver Dashboard. Each of the EMKAY websites are mobile device friendly and the link within the app makes it easier for drivers to access their EMKAY Driver Dashboard with a single click within the app.

For additional clarification on how to utilize these new features, please contact your designated Client Support Services team.