Jan 2018

Green Commercial Vehicle Program Established in Ontario

A Green Commercial Vehicle Program is set to begin in Ontario. The Government of Ontario has announced that this program will offer rebates for the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles as well as fuel savings devices (side skirts, boat tails, cab heater and coolers, auxiliary power units, etc…). A breakdown of the available incentives is as follows:

Green Commercial Vehicles

The incentive program is part of Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan, much of which is centered on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and our carbon footprint. Steven Del Duca, the Minister of Transportation, said in a statement that “We’re committed to working with our partners and local businesses to modernize the way we do business and keep Ontario an attractive and sustainable place to work.”

“This investment will make it easier for businesses with commercial fleets to purchase and use alternative-fuel vehicles and fuel-saving devices,” said Chris Ballard, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change. Applications will be accepted beginning early 2018. For more information on the available incentives, visit the Ministry of Transportation’s website:

Ontario Ministry of Transportation