Sep 2017

Important OnStar Service for Hurricane-Impacted Areas

OnStar has activated their complimentary Crisis Assist services for OnStar equipped vehicles in the hurricane impacted areas. Pushing the blue OnStar button will connect drivers with a specially-trained advisor who can provide emergency assistance, directions to shelters and evacuation routes, and can even help contact family members. Those with OnStar-equipped vehicles who are not connected can press the blue OnStar button twice, ask an advisor for crisis assistance, and will then start to receive services.

Some commonly asked questions are as follows. Please encourage your drivers to use this if they are in the impacted areas.

What is included with the complimentary OnStar Crisis Assist services?

Thirty days of the top-level OnStar Guidance Plan and 30 Hands-Free Calling minutes are included for impacted subscribers. Additionally, if you have a vehicle equipped with OnStar 4G LTE, you will also receive the unlimited Wi-Fi data plan. With these services, our specially-trained advisors can help direct emergency services to your vehicle’s location and offer critical assistance until help arrives, provide evacuation routes and other navigation assistance, and assist in connecting you to loved ones and family members. You can also stay connected via hands-free calling using the built-in wireless service and will have access to data for your devices from the built-in Wi-Fi hotspot (eligible 2015MY and newer vehicles).

Who is eligible for complimentary OnStar Crisis Assist services?

Anyone who has an OnStar-equipped vehicle, and has either been impacted by Hurricane Harvey in the FEMA-designated disaster area or is volunteering or providing relief assistance in the impacted area such as first responders, disaster relief organizations, OnStar members and any of our partner organizations.

What if I’ve already been evacuated or I’m currently outside the impacted area?

If your vehicle is registered within the FEMA-designated disaster area, you can still receive complimentary Crisis Assist services. Additionally, if you are a first responder, disaster relief organization or volunteering to provide disaster relief, you are eligible for complimentary OnStar Crisis Assist services.

Do I need to currently have OnStar service to receive Crisis Assist services?

No. Regardless of whether you currently have active OnStar service, if you’ve been impacted by Hurricane Harvey and have an eligible OnStar-equipped vehicle, you are eligible for complimentary OnStar Crisis Assist services at no charge. If you currently are not connected to OnStar and have an OnStar-equipped vehicle, all you need to do is press your blue OnStar button twice, ask an advisor for crisis assistance, and accept the OnStar User Terms and Privacy Statement.

What happens if the blue OnStar Button does not work?

Please ask customers to try to push the red emergency button or call 1.888.4.ONSTAR (1.888.466.7827).