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Fleet Maintenance Control Program


EMKAY’s Maintenance Programs are backed by our award winning technicians who are there to assist and coordinate all your vehicle repairs. The multiple options we offer ensure that we have a program to match your fleet’s needs. By managing your fleet preventative maintenance, EMKAY helps to avoid expensive repairs that are more likely to occur due to improper maintenance management. Benefits include cost containment, wholesale pricing, point of purchase control, and goodwill warranty recovery.

 EMKAY Vehicle Fleet Management


Managing fuel expenses is a key aspect to successful fleet management. EMKAY’s solution is easy to manage, cost effective, and simple for your drivers to use. Our advanced reporting capabilities make it simple to track and report on your fleet’s fuel costs. All fuel cards are pass code protected to prevent unauthorized use and potential fraud. When fueling, drivers are required to input the current odometer along with an assigned PIN or Driver I.D number. Transactions can be limited by daily or monthly transactions, daily spend, and monthly spend. Some benefits include security features, single invoice billing, and exception reporting.

 Company Car Renewal Program

Quick Tag 

Let our expert team of license & title specialists make the renewal process simple for you and your drivers. When the renewal process is left entirely up to drivers, or is managed regionally, the renewal is oftentimes delayed or forgotten altogether. The results have a huge impact on businesses, as the potential downtime and lack of driver productivity can cost companies thousands in lost revenue. Manually performed registration renewals can be difficult to track and time consuming due to the differing requirements on a state-by-state basis. EMKAY’s Quick Tag Program takes over this tedious process on behalf of our clients.

Fleet Management

Enhanced Fleet Management

EMKAY’s Enhanced Fleet Management (EFM) Program offers you the support to effectively manage daily driver needs and management’s expectations. Fleet drivers will have access to our free mobile application, Driver 360, through their iPhone, Android, or Blackberry. The app will help drivers locate the least expensive maintenance providers and fueling stations. This useful app will also provide a live snapshot of their fleet information, including maintenance schedules, new order status, registration renewal status, and emergency assistance. In addition to the app, other free products available to your drivers are the Driver Dashboard, Web/Mobile Based Vehicle Ordering, and Driver e-Notifications.

Accident Management EMKAY

Accident Management

EMKAY’s Accident Management provides a cost effective approach to managing collisions, glass damage, and third party subrogation. Many fleet programs are realizing value in self-insuring rather than paying high premiums and deductibles with Insurance Companies. EMKAY’s team of I-CAR Platinum Certified Techs will assist in consulting on repairs, claims, rental vehicles, and subrogation review and recovery. All accident reporting is tracked daily via EMKAY’s web reporting tool. Accident information and claim reports are uploaded as they happen, not on a monthly basis like many other providers. While most insurance programs are designed to only perform subrogation over a specified dollar amount, we handle all claims on your behalf no matter how small.

EMKAY Fleet Management Mileage Reporting

Mileage Reporting

The IRS requires all businesses providing company vehicles to charge back drivers for personal use. Many companies attempt to track this internally or via expense reports and other recording methods. EMKAY’s Personal Mileage tracking is not only easy for the fleet manager, but the driver as well. Our Personal Mileage Reporting Service relieves your company’s fleet manager of all data gathering and tax computation responsibilities through the use of our web-based mileage tracking system.

Company Car Safety Program

Safety Suite

All drivers have unique characteristics that quantify their overall risk to your company. Whether it’s an accident or a moving violation, there are many data points to track and consider with each driver. EMKAY’s Safety programs do something different than a typical accident report by providing all risk data in one simple to understand format. Our reporting methodology delivers a consistent means to assessing your driver’s risk with a standard point system. This also provides a single platform to review and report on how each driver stacks up versus the rest of the fleet.



A good telematics program should offer solutions to track vehicle use, monitor fuel consumption, provide GPS routing, and proactively address maintenance issues, all of which should increase productivity and reduce total fleet operating costs. EMKAY’s telematics solution not only offers the benefits of GPS tracking and vehicle monitoring, but it also provides the perks of EMKAY’s award winning customer service and easy to use system. EMKAY’s Telematics program is quick to install and has robust web-based reporting and tracking that is accessible from any computer. We provide around-the-clock services for remotely monitoring the performance, location, and security of fleet vehicles, with all data being available on our fully customizable web portal.

 Fleet Management Companies

Toll Management

As the toll prices continue to rise, fleet managers have to develop new ways of managing these expenses. EMKAY’s Toll Management program not only leads the industry in technological capabilities, but also brings a new ease of use and control to fleet managers. With EMKAY’s Toll Management Program each vehicle is tracked by its assigned transponder and tolls are automatically paid by EMKAY and billed on the monthly invoice. This allows you to receive one consolidated bill for all of your tolling units regardless of the state they operate in. Tolls are tracked by vehicle, with the data being accessible from our simple to use interactive online system. EMKAY Toll Management Program was designed to eliminate costly toll violations and any black holes in management, enabling you to run a more efficient fleet.

 Fleet Management Company

Green Fleet

EMKAY’s goGREEN program delivers a product that is environmentally friendly, gives back to the planet, and provides an outlet for companies to accomplish their green initiatives. Our product facilitates the reduction of your fleet’s carbon footprint without having to add hybrid vehicles to your fleet. How does it work? EMKAY will assess an actual (not estimated) CO2 rating for each vehicle in order to prepare a customized report for your fleet. We can then calculate the necessary offset through either the carbon offset program, tree planting, or a combination of the two. We also incorporate eco-drive training and an array of marketing tools to help you market your environmentally-friendly fleet program.

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