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Dec 2016

2018 Toyota Camry Teased

2018 Toyota Camry

Toyota has released a teaser image of their redesigned 2018 Camry ahead of its debut at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show. While sales numbers of the Camry have been continually strong, the outgoing body style doesn’t necessarily incite a need to get behind the wheel of the Camry. We’re hoping that the redesigned look will add “eye-catching” to the list of adjectives that have helped the Camry to be such a good seller, such as fuel-efficient, safe, and reliable.

The image reveals the taillight and rear quarter panel of the Camry. The LED wrapped taillight and faux-air vent stand out as unique features that add a modernized look. Early information points to a 2.5L 4-cylinder and a 2.0L turbo engine options. There have also been rumors of an optional 3.5L V6 that would power the TRD trim level Camry.

The released image is doing what it’s meant to in creating a lot of buzz about the redesigned Camry. We’re just hoping that this buzz is warranted and the unseen portions of the 2018 Toyota Camry are as attractive as what we see in the teaser photo.

Oct 2016

2016 Order to Delivery Times

2016 Order to Delivery

EMKAY recently participated in an Automotive Fleet article that details the order to delivery times (OTD) for 2016 model year vehicles. The overall consensus within the fleet industry is that OTD times remained relatively comparable to the 2015 model year vehicles. Factors such as increased demand, severe weather, and rail car shortages were the main causes that worked increase OTD times during the year. However, the decrease in quality holds during 2016 helped to bring the overall OTD times back to the norm.

Read the full article on the 2016 Order to Delivery times:

Automotive Fleet OTD Article



Aug 2016

Chevrolet’s Low Cab Forward Trucks to Hit Dealers

Chevrolet Low Cab Forward

Chevrolet’s return to the medium-duty market is official as the new Chevrolet Low Cab Forward trucks are on the way to dealers across the country. These trucks are ideal for commercial companies that frequently haul sizable payloads, especially in urban environments. Their excellent maneuverability and visibility make the driving experience safe, simple, and enjoyable.

There are three different engine offerings, a 6.0L V8 gas, a 3.0L turbo-diesel, and a 5.2L turbo-diesel. The trucks are available in both regular and crew cab styles and entry-level MSRP is $40,900 for gas engines, while the MSRP for the diesel engine starts at $48,375.

The following link will direct you to the Low Cab Forward section of Chevrolet’s website.

Chevrolet Low Cab Forward Trucks

May 2016

Ford F-150 Recall Announced

Ford is recalling around 270,000 F-150 pickups throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico due to front brake issues that may result in the weakening and failure of the brakes. It was discovered that brake fluid can leak from the master cylinder, reducing the ability of the front brakes to stop the vehicles. The recall only affects 2013-2014 EcoBoost models with the 3.5-liter twin turbo V6 engine. The official breakdown is 225,012 in the US, 43,682 in Canada, and 402 in Mexico.  Ford is working to allocate the parts required for repairs and will officially begin notifying customers on July 11th.

Mar 2016

EMKAY Celebrates 70 years as a Premier Provider in the Fleet Management Industry

Today marks the 70th anniversary for EMKAY! It was on March 29th, 1946 that EMKAY began operations from within Midway Chevrolet in Chicago. The innovative spirit that helped to foster the development of the company still resonates from within EMKAY today.

Having success in creating a lasting venture is an impressive accomplishment that should be recognized and celebrated. Click the link below for a quick review of EMKAY’s extensive history. Enjoy!

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