Jan 2021

2021MY Light Duty & Heavy Duty Truck Fleet Allocation “Fully Subscribed” in Canada

As a result of exceptionally high demand for 2021 Model Year (MY) Light-Duty and Heavy-Duty truck products, GM Canada Fleet is currently “fully subscribed” to their remaining production schedule on LD & HD Trucks (all cab styles). “Fully Subscribed” indicates GM Canada Fleet has more orders in-system than remaining allocation and production and will likely not be able to produce all vehicles currently on order at Event Code 1000. This applies to all cab styles and configurations of Light-Duty & Heavy-Duty trucks, including Regular, Double and Crew Cabs.

With demand continuing to exceed supply as well as a few long-term constraints in place for the Model Year (Free Flow Assist Steps & LPO Floor Liners, for example), new orders for 2021 MY LD & HD truck products will still be accepted but have a high potential to remain at Event Code 1000 and not be released for production as 2021 MY units. These units would be required to be re-ordered as 2022 MY units when ordering becomes available on May 6th, 2021 for HD trucks and May 20th, 2021 for LD trucks. The 2021 MY LD & HD truck order banks will remain open in the short-term to allow customers and dealers to make changes to their existing orders in-system as options become unavailable (“final released”) as the final 2021 MY buildout approaches.

An accepted order does not guarantee the vehicle will be produced. Orders left on the bank could be released for production in the unlikely event that GM receive additional allocation beyond their current production schedule.