Sep 2022

Ford, GM, Rivian Issue Safety Recalls

Nearly 400,000 U.S. Vehicles have been recalled with the majority of these being F-150’s. The largest recalls covers more than 277,000 Ford F-150 Super Duty models and Lincoln Continental from 2017- 2020 Model Year. This recall is for an internal lens on the rearview camera that is equipped with antireflective coating that may degrade over time from exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Degradation can lead to a progressively foggy or cloudy rearview camera image.

The GM is recalling nearly 121,000 Chevy Sparks from 2013 to 2015 model year due to the hood could open unexpectedly while driving, and increase risk of crash. Rivan is recalling 207 R1T picks and R1S SUVs from 2022 model year, this recall is for the seat belt anchors that could be improperly secured to the B-pillar and might not adequately restrain the passenger during a crash.