Jul 2023

Ford Pro Order Bank Management Process

  • Ordering and allocation will now be based on a semi-annual order/production cadence.
    o Order > schedule > purge process will happen 2x per model year.
    o Customer allocations will be given based on 2 production windows.
    o Ford Pro will also set semi-annual ordering caps to limit the number of orders customer who’ve not received an allocation can have placed.
    o Please Note: The acceptance and verification of an order does not guarantee that said order will be scheduled and produced.
  • Additional vehicle lines may be included in the allocation/order cap program in 24MY/PY.
    o Details will be published in the weekly Scheduling DNB.
  • Many customers may be granted a CPA in the 2024MY/PY and NOT receive dedicated production allocation for some/all vehicle lines in the agreement. These customers can order under their 56A program via the semi-annual cap volume program.
    o Please Note: the presence of a CPA does not indicate that a customer has received dedicated production allocations for any model included in the agreement.
  • The Ford Pro Order Verification Program will remain in place for the 2024MY/PY.
    o All orders placed for customers with a 2024 CPA Agreement in place do NOT have to be verified, regardless of 56A or 56M status.
    o All orders placed for customers that do NOT have an active CPA in the 2024MY/PY will require verification via the FPOVP website.
  • Government customers will also fall under allocation and verification in the 2024MY/PY.
    o More information to come on how this plays out for Government ordering.