Apr 2023

Microchip Shortage: Additional Cuts for N.A. and Europe

Automakers cut 56,700 vehicles from their global production plans last week because of the microchip shortage, according to the latest estimate by AutoForecast Solutions. About 30,500 of those cuts were from production schedules at European assembly plants, with North American factories accounting for the rest.

While the losses are another sign the global semiconductor shortage is far from over, there are indications the situation is improving. Automakers have axed about 771,300 vehicles this year, a significant improvement from the 1.25 million vehicles that were cut at this point in 2022. “Europe and especially North America continue to see lower output due to a lack of chips, but more plants are keeping lines rolling by focusing the existing chip supply into more profitable vehicles and eliminating some vehicle features,” Sam Fiorani, AutoForecast Solutions vice president of global vehicle forecasting, wrote in an email.

North American plants have accounted for about 65% of global production losses so far this year, with those in Europe responsible for 21%.

Projections for loss by region are as follows:

  • North America YTD – 504,500 (2023 Projected – 1,112,600)
  • Europe YTD – 164,500 (2023 Projected – 845,800)
  • Rest of Asia YTD – 21,500 (2023 Projected – 539,900)
  • South America YTD – 7,200 (2023 Projected – 121,900)
  • China YTD – 70,400 (2023 Projected – 188,100)
  • Middle East/Africa YTD – 3,200 (2023 Projected – 19,800)
  • Total YTD – 771,300 (2023 Projected – 2,828,100)