May 2023

Stellantis Recalls 168k Vehicles for Transmission and Battery Issues

Stellantis is recalling about 2,500 of its 2022-23 Jeep Wrangler plug-in hybrids and more than 165,000 2019-21 Ram ProMasters in the U.S. for potential battery and transmission issues.

The Wranglers may have incorrect fuse fasteners in the high-voltage battery that could cause the fuse to fail. The resulting loss of power could cause crashes without warning, according to a report from NHTSA. The part was manufactured by Samsung SDI America Inc. Stellantis has also recalled about 220 Mopar SVCE-Kit hybrid battery packs that may have the same issue. The company identified three warranty claims and eight field reports related to these packs, which also were manufactured by Samsung.

Some ProMasters equipped with 62TE transmissions may have a software issue that can cause interference with the park pawl engagement, leading to vehicle roll away. Stellantis began investigating the 2019-21 ProMasters in August 2022 for a potential rolling while in park condition, according to NHTSA.