May 2023

Stellantis Recalls 219K Jeep Cherokees

Stellantis said Tuesday it is recalling just over 219,000 Jeep Cherokee SUVs globally for fire risks and warning owners to park outside until repairs are made. About 132,000 of the vehicles were recalled in the U.S. The recall covers 2014 through 2016 model year Jeep Cherokee vehicles equipped with a power liftgate. An electrical short in the power liftgate module may lead to a vehicle fire with the ignition on or off.

The automaker said “owners are advised to park outside and away from structures until the recall repair is complete.” Stellantis is still working on the recall fix and owner notification letters are expected to be mailed June 30th. In addition to the 132,000 vehicles in the U.S., another 23,000 units are in Canada, 3,000 in Mexico and 60,500 outside North America. NHTSA said owners should follow Stellantis advice and park outside until the recall is developed and owners get repairs.