May 2023

Stellantis Vehicle Updates

Stellantis is currently in the process of finalizing their ordering guides. Once finalized, AutoData will take 7-10 days to update.

  • 2024 RAM ProMaster:
    o Expect limited 2024 availability due to extended 2023 production and 6 to 8 weeks of downtime(Q1) for plant upgrades.
    o 2025MY will offer more commercial and government availability than 2023 & 2024.
    o CPOS option 2TA does not come with passenger seats and airbags.
    o CPOS option 2TB comes with passenger seats and is the option most clients will need.
  • 2024 RAM DS 1500
    o The DS model is sunsetting and production ceases at end of 2023CY.
  • 2024 RAM DT 1500
    o MY24 will be a compressed model year.
    o Limited commercial/government allocation for the “Tradesman” trim.
    o Big Horn and above trim should be focus.
  • 2024 RAM 4500/5500
    o Based upon 23MY demand, along with supplier constraints, Fleet will currently not be opening 24MY Ram Cab Chassis 4500/5500 (DP) at this time for Commercial, Government, nor Rental orders.