Jun 2018

Distracted Driving Continues to Impact Commercial Fleets

Automotive Fleet recently published an article on the issue of distracted driving and how it’s impacting the fleet industry. The annual accident rate of commercial fleets is at 20%, much higher than that of the general public. Sure, fleet drivers are on the road a lot more than others so it makes sense that the accident rate for this segment is higher. But there’s more to it than just miles.

Being that fleet drivers are working while on the road it’s easy to make the connection between the potential for increased distractions when driving. While many companies are taking steps by introducing new safety policies, these can only go so far. No matter how many policies are in place, it’s up to the individual to stop driving while distracted.

We developed the SafeRoads program to help drivers accomplish that goal. Get in touch with us to learn more about this innovative driver monitoring program and take a look at the complete article on Automotive Fleet’s website here:

Automotive Fleet Safety Article