Mar 2018

GMC’s 2019 Sierra Gets Industry-First Carbon Fiber Pickup Bed

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A constant battle that manufacturers face involves experimenting with different materials in order to reduce the weight of their vehicles, all while not compromising its structural integrity. One manufacturer in particular just took a stride forward by becoming the first to incorporate carbon fiber into a pickup bed. Details on the 2019 Sierra have been released, and this industry-first bed type isn’t the only innovative feature the pickup boasts.

First of Its Kind

The carbon fiber material makes up the inner panels and the floor of the bed, dropping the overall weight by 62 pounds when compared to the standard metal-component bed. It is available as an add-on option. GMC also claims that the carbon fiber bed provides “best-in-class dent, scratch, and corrosion resistance.”

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It’ll be interesting to see if they’re able to (affordably) incorporate the material into more areas of the body, which could drop the weight even further. But even without the carbon fiber bed upgrade the Sierra lost some considerable weight, as GMC was able to trim 360 pounds by using more aluminum in the body design.

Other Innovative Options

In addition to the first-of-its-kind bed, the 2019 Sierra is equipped with some features that may quickly become the envy of others within the industry. Coming as a standard option, the MultiPro Tailgate offers six unique functions to make life easy.

First off, the primary tailgate can be opened using a power release from both the key fob and from the driver’s seat.There are also two load-stop features in which small barriers pop up on the inside of the tailgate, helping to keep any cargo in the bed. It also includes a step and a handle for easier entry into the bed.

2019 Sierra

And finally, an inner section of the tailgate can be folded down for easy-loading and can also be used as a stand-up workstation when the tailgate is up. Needless to say, GMC put a lot of thought into this tailgate.

Technology Upgrades

Other updates include a segment-first heads-ups display and a high-def. camera display set within the rearview mirror. This not only shows you the rearview, but also enables you to tilt and zoom.

Additional technology-based options include a standard trailering app that allows you to use a smartphone to remotely test the trailer lights, check electrical diagnostics, and to monitor the trailer’s tire pressure. To make things even easier, GMC offers a hitch guidance system that includes a rearview camera and an electric parking brake. Yet another hauling-related feature are trailer-mounted and side view cameras, ensuring that you can keep an eye on every inch of what you’re hauling.

Power and Safety

The 2019 Sierra is larger all-around than the previous years, expanding the wheelbase by 3.9” and 1.6” in overall length. The driver seat is not only positioned higher, but it also includes an extra 3” of legroom.

The Sierra and Silverado have the same engine options, with a 6.2 or 5.3-liter V8 and a 3.0-liter inline-six turbodiesel. Both the 6.2-liter V8 and the diesel are equipped with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

As expected, a full line of safety features are available, including pedestrian detection, blind zone alert, and automatic emergency braking. Both the standard SLT and the refined Denali trim levels will be on sale in the US this fall.


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